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Hi people, I can't seem to find celery seeds anywhere is it just a case of waiting till may?

Nicholas, Thompson & Morgan have celery seeds. Unless you're desperate to grow from seed, I'd plant seedlings. They will cut your waiting time down enormously.

Celery is also notoriously difficult to grow.  If you're a first time grower, I'd start with something a bit more forgiving, maybe runner beans, potatoes, and cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets.

I must admit finally found some celery plants at or local garden centre

Good thinking, Nicholas. I only ever grew celery once. It takes a very long time, needs well-drained soil, doesn't like too much heat - a big problem here in central Italy - and needs to be kept moist.



It grows well in the Fens - cool and damp - perfect conditions 


Perfect for celery, perhaps. I'd rot.

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