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David 25

i have a different shaped leaf coming through on one of the seedlings now. sort of looks like a clover. is this the crown?


Not really- the first leaves you saw were seedling leaves-you are now seeing true leaves-this is progress -they are growing!!

The crown will form in time.

If money is tight, and you have some clubcard points, you can order 10 strawberry runners for £4 worth of clubcard points, I'm thinking of ordering some and then bunging them in hanging baskets so biggest small child does not eat them as soon as they turn red.  He was a right b****r for that last year, if I put them in hanging baskets he won't be able to reach (evil mummy!!).

Blooming direct has got a buy one get one free on their website, if you go through the TopCashBack website you'll get 95p ish back, and they also have a 5% discount code (think it's blooming5), type that in at the checkout, and they work out at £5.50 ish (including delivery) per basket.  Type topcashback into google, and that will take you to the cashback site.  I'm a big fan, I do tend to buy a lot of stuff on the interweb, I've had just short of £100 back in a year, but you have to remember to go through the site.  Lots of gardening sites registered on there, T&M, blooming direct (crocus I think), others too, like debenhams, play, etc etc.  You can choose to have your 'cash' as Amazon vouchers and they give you an extra 5% on top, which is useful (especially when oldest small child has started getting invited to birthday parties and is required to turn up with a small gift).

I tend to spend all my clubcard vouchers on the offers, and never seem to save up enough for the £45 worth of T&M vouchers (so then you'd only need to spend £15 of actual money to get free delivery).  Heigh ho. 


David 25

sorry mmp. never saw your post. My strawberry plants outside the front dont appear to have grown at all. is this usual? i thought i may have seen a little growth by now?


I would say that this is perfectly normal, you need warmth and sunlight (both are equally important), and we've had neither of them this year yet!  Be patient, when the warm weather arrives, you'll start seeing more and more leaves emerging, then the flowers and finally the fruit.  My main reasons for growing my strawberries in hanging baskets is to keep them away from pests - my 4 year old and slugs.  Neither can reach that high!

David 25

I now have two hanging brackets out the front of my house so plenty of room for more strawbs if they do well hehe

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