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Hi there fellow gardens i have just recently been bought a alpine mignonette plant organic living style but i dont really know alot in regards to it yearly growth pattern and if it reproduce as like the normal strawberry plant that have side shoots any help would be grattfully received. The Rocket   

Alina W

There are no runners on Alpijne strawberries, you simply sow the seeds from the outside of the strawberries. Other than that they grow much like any other strawberry.


Alina's right !! I grew them from seed, no runners.


Yes, mine also were grown from seed.

Doesnt explain the new plant though that has appeared at the edge of a flower bed though- I'd obviously thought it was a potentilla. J.

Alina W

It'll be a present from the birds - I find them all over the garden


Thankyou Alina W and evarybody that has replyed to my question it is a great help. as this was a new breed of plant for me to get as i have the normal strawberry plants as at the moment my little lad busy eatten the strawberrys of them all together i have about 14 strawberry plant thats without the new one i,v just got. most of them are in large garden containers and a few in the ground my containers are old farmers water troffs they relly good planters. but thankyou to all that replyed my regards to all The Rocket.  

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