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Has anyone else attempted this type of gardening?  I discovered this type of gardening when I realised I couldnt use much of my energy and bend down... It has been so easy to do and the results have been amazing.  I am  now on my 2nd year and hopefully will have just as good results.  We  moved last and  have taken it ALL with us.  The first year my tomatoes were almost 8ft hight and had so much fruitage as well as beans and salad etc.  and it was hardly any work at all involved.  When I mention it to other people they think I am loopy.It makes sense but you have to have the courage to try it out.  If you look on Youtube you can see the way to start.  Dead easy!

Have read about it, Alys Fowler I think. If I were to start over with a garden I'd certainly consider it.

I'm in the process of making a lasagne bed. I covered an area with cardboard and semi - composted stuff last Autumn. I've forked it over and layered it with cardboard and compost. I will plant it up with winter cabbage and kales. From what I've read, large transplants and enriched planting pockets are key.

Sounds interesting. Can you give more detail on the 'large transplants' bit?

I just layered it up as suggested, I collected all the stuff first and then the top was just a deep layer of bought beds are about 2ft high.  the top layer was mulched with straw and you just moved away the straw and planted out straight away (not seeds).  I was amazed at the results for the first year as I mentioned before my tomatoes were amazing.   I had never grown tomatoes properly before (we are novice gardeners), a friend who has a small holding in Romania came and checked them over for me.. When they were fairly tall he stripped all the bottom leaves off (I was horrified!) and they kept growing and the tomatoes went on until the end of September. We had beans, sweetcorn, lettuce, radishes, beetroots etc. our first year.  I recently joined our local horticultural society and mentioned my gardening habit and they looked at me as if I was mad.  When it was all finished we just dug it over and started layering again ready for this Summer and the compost is fantastic.  You can do the same in any place... Even grown potatoes under straw. Incredible!


Ah. So large transplants are fairly well grown plants?

I am not sure but that is what I would think it would be (I dont know teckky stuff)..  It would be a bit difficult to sow seeds unless they were fairly big like beans/peas... but you could try others, ]if you cleared a bit of the straw.  I think its used just to keep it warm and stop the water evaporating quickly.  Have a go... Its the easiest gardening I have tried and I dont really know what I am doing.   One other way is to have a bed and divide it into foot squares and plant your veggies like that..looks very smart and tidy and the rows arent too long.

Figrat, yes grown on a bit further than you might normally. I'm growing them in 7 cm modules. As summerpots writes, seeds are difficult. is a good site to read about lasagna gardening.

The book Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza is my gardening "bible".  I think I got it from Amazon.

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