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Steve the Gardening Vet

This grows in our neighbour's garden. Neither she or I have the slightest idea what it is!

Fruits are borne singly on the tree (which is currently about 15 feet tall), are yellow to light orange in colour, pretty much 2cm spheres with no dimple at the bottom. They smell kind of citrusy when you open them and have a single seed inside shaped like that of a plum.

Any ideas? Will we be able to use them for something and not die?

Steve the Gardening Vet

Argh! Why did the photo not show, I uploaded and clicked save but then nothing happened!!!


What's the tree like - leaf shape, colour, blossom etc?

And yes, pictures would be good - have another go 


The photo uploading system ain't working. I tried countless times yesterday. Fix the email notifications, something else breaks. Though my notifications are back to random again.


Try uploading from an external site like flicker or photobucket-that bit still seems to be working

The constant clitches in this site are getting annoying



flowering rose

take a photo or we might give you the wrong advice and never eat what you dont know or identified.


Taking a photo is the easy part. Posting it is the problem!

Steve the Gardening Vet

Right, definitely not working so I'll just post the flickr link if that is ok!

Steve the Gardening Vet

I'm not daft enough to eat anything without knowing what it is, just hate the idea of them being wasted if they are edible!


They look like cherry plums to me - if they're on a tree with plum-type leaves and blossom and if on cutting open they look and smell like plums, then I'd make cherry plum jam with them.  

There's quite a few in the hedgerows near here at the moment - roll on retirement when I have time to forage and make jam 

Steve the Gardening Vet

More info has emerged!

The leaves (as requested above) are very much like those of a beech hedge, the tree flowers white and the branches get spines on them!

Seems very late for cherry plums, they usually ripen late July/early August. All of mine were gone by mid August. I have the purple variety and have made good jam from it.


The yellow cherry plums on a hedge in the village here near Norwich, have just  ripened and began to fall last week.  I'm new here and when I retire next year I shall get to know the owners .... 

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