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Up in Teesside, my first turnips are sprouting under cloches along with oinion sets too (also under cloche). Carrots of today are also starting to show too!


south durham.  allotment standing in water this morning.cold and fed up . stuff will only rot in the ground. so it looks like patient waiting game.i,ve lost too much stuff in the past . and i can,t afford it now. onward and upward.  wrinkly 1

Here in Lancashire I've done lots of sowing on my windowsills - most of it will be grown on in windowsill palnters. I've also got the spuds ready for containers on the patio. 

I'm in York - just started tomatoes, peppers and spring onions on the windowsill with some perennial seedlings, the only things I have outside are spinach under pop bottle cloches. They're just starting to appear - I planted them in a fit of enthusiasm with left-over seed when it was sunny. Can't get too carried away as we're waiting for some good weather to create the veg patch!


Nowt here in Northeast- still on off snow flurries,


Significant snow forecast for Friday night/Saturday morning.  Should be grateful it's not a work/School day, and can stay in bed.  Wish it would go away and let us get on with things, I think the reason things on the forum have been 'interesting' recently is because we've all got cabin fever.

Stockton on Tees, I have permafrost for soil at the moment the East wind blows straight off the North Sea up river and shrivels my door knockers.
No point in sowing seed as the light is poor so another week maybe. This time last year I was sunbathing in my Daughters garden for a week whilst a new bathroom was fitted, after that the rains came.



Newcastle here, nothing going in the ground any time soon it seems, we're pretty high up and still having snow/heavy frosts. 

I've got tomatos, peppers, chillis, cucumbers all sown on my windowsill, i've got carrots, pak choi, beetroot sown in the unheated greenhouse last weekend, and have broad beans ready to plant out but dare not atm. The greenhouse is getting chocker, with hardy annuals too, ready to go out too...

This time last year we had dinner in the garden lol, at least the fruit trees are still hiding, they got a hammering last year as they got caught out by the heat wave that turned to heavy frosts the week later, 

Hi Steph

Majority of gardners I know use paraffin heaters and some who have power (close to their house) a temperture controlled fan heater, as I have to walk to my garden its the paraffin heater which does very nicely germinating my seeds.

Hi Andy, as we are fairly close to one another I am in the same boat GH chockers and I am still setting seed away, just yesterday started some early peas and french beans  As you said about the weather this time last year the gardens were well on majority of early stuff already in the ground, just checking my diary just a pair of shorts on sat outside of my shed thinking if this is the start of the summer will have to really think about water ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph, us Northerner's are one up from Yorkshire where pockets are tightly closed from birth to death, sorry Tykes.
We also watch the pennies and being half Yorkshire the Half pennies too so lights are out. I have electricity in my greenhouse for a heated sand bed and a frost guard fan heater but a green house is never big enough so growing stuff under lights to then sit in a cramped cool greenhouse would be economical madness.
Years of experience tell us when to sow and when to put stuff out clearing space for the tomato's etc, adding up all the costs of sowing early I think the £1 carrot or the £2 leek would choke me.


I've started sowing in doors, stuff like aubergines which need a long growing season and chillies and peppers which take along time to germinate. 

Started sowing veg varieties at the weekend which could have been started in February and have also started sowing toms. Even with heat everything seems to be slow though.     

Bunny ...
Im sure the heatwave will be along soon zoomer
Everything are on windowsills indoors , as you say though ...slow. Pak choi coming up, sweet &red basil, red onion, cornflowers so far
Deanos Diggin It

Hi Guy's n Gal's! 


Northerner here! Bradford, West Yorkshire! I've been lurking this thread a few day's now n am gunna jump in! 

Tried early sowings of aubergene's, Tom's n Peppers for one reason n one reason only, I have a gardening buddy who is new to this GYO stuff, n he fancied a go! n somehow new it would end in tears! 

Seedlings sown mid Feb were doing lovely, till he accidentally left the Greenhouse door open! All Went over! 

But we being North still have time! 

 So my initial plan to cover our new growing season    "Well paid off" 

The next batch sown shall be kept under my beady eye! 

But we have planted! n well happy with outcomings! 

 Garlic, both soft neck n hard neck n Broad beans up, onions at far bed are struggling! See how they go! 

 A few fruits in! See how we go!

That was yesterday before the snow arrived!  





Bunny ...
Dean your tidy beds are amazing ...just had to show OH



Very impressive beds there Deano


Not many seeds sown here either, and I'm in Kent.

Deanos Diggin It
Cheers Leggi

Just wanna get last one finished, but in the "Lap of the Gods" weather wise unfortunately!

But shall endevour to sow new seeds tomorrow
Palaisglide wrote (see)

Steph, us Northerner's are one up from Yorkshire where pockets are tightly closed from birth to death, sorry Tykes.

Frank, Don't know what you mean.  It's not our fault our pockets are deep but our arms are short!

Back garden currently under a foot of snow.  Once again I'm grateful I have an engineer Husband and Landrover for transport.  A few years ago the A57 near us was shut due to snow and lorries getting stuck up a very steep hill, husband and bro-in-law went out for supplies, and the chap took one look at the car, moved the 'road closed' sign out of the way & let them through.  The only other things that were going through were the mountain rescue (even though we're nowhere near mountains).  Think the recovery strop on the front lights and all the kit in the back seat helped!

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