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Checking my cordons today I found that one of them has blossom, andfuture flower buds and a bunch has flowered

Is this going to damage my tree in the frosts, we have yet to have one.

I am quite concerned


I suspect that your tree has some flowers early due to the mild weather. When we do get some frosts its not likely to damage the tree as a whole but the flowers that have been out will be affected and any that have been pollinated are not likely to survive the winter.

Don't know what other people will say, but I think id chop the flowers and buds off as they will get killed off by the frosts


Not sure about chopping flowers off. Won't that lead the tree open even more to frost damage?


Think I'd pinch them out - that's probably what Ryan meant 

But thinking about it - the blossoms are going to get killed off by hard frosts in the winter - in effect they'll be pinched out.  Don't know whether the fruiting spurs that have flowered will flower again in the spring - somehow I doubt it 


Dove- that's exactly what I meant haha, hate it when you can't get the right words out :P



Thanks all

I think I will leave it and see what the frost does. 

It is my Egramont Russet tree, which always produces lovey crunchy apples so maybe next year I won't have any.

Will let you all know

Jim Macd

What a pitty Matty. You hear about it happening in the states and my oranamental pear does it but I didn't think apples did it here. The advice in the states is to pinch them out. If they do get polinated and develop apples they'll only sap the energy of the tree and will be brunt off by later hard frosts. I picked my Saprten at the weekend because a hard frost was due.


Thanks for  that Jim. I think I will do it then as it seems to make sense. 

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