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I have a Cox's Orange Pippen tree which is five years old, it blossoms beautifully and never gives us an apple. I have planted it next to our boundary fence which is next to my neighbours apple trees, one cooking apple and one eating apple ( I do not know the species) I planted it close to them as I am aware that the Cox Orange Pippen does not self fertile. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get it to bear fruit?

Thank you


Apples are fussy about having their pollinators in teh same pollination group so your neighbour's trees may not be the best match.  You can use Google to find the best pollinators for your tree.

Also, you need insects such as bees to do the pollination so make sure you have plenty of flowering plants nearbyto attract these insects to your garden.

Finally, this year there were heavy frosts just as the apples and pears round here were in full bloom.  This damages the blossom and also deters insects from flying as it's too cold so may be another reason for lack of fruit set.

Thank you obelixx, we had plenty of bees around when the blossom was out although strong winds did blow the blossom off earlier than I would have expected. I will try google as suggested.


Cox's also need a lot more heat than other apples and this year has been a disadster for them.

Frost may be the problem, but also if your boundary fence is fairly solid then the prevailing wind may be creating a vortex affect over the top. I have 4 apple cordons which grow in front of my hedge. The hedge breaks up the wind, and gives shelter from the frost. They're all fruiting exceptionally well this year!



I don't know where you are, but Cox is one of the most challenging varieties as it is prone to disease.

I does sound as though your Cox is not in the vicinity of a suitable apple pollinator.

Thank you everyone for your helpful comments. I will look at getting another apple tree which will act as a pollinator and see if that works next year.

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