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 We have this apple tree in our garden, over the last 2 years a branch started to die off, we had the branch removed and now the bark has started the shrink back.

last year we had a good crop of fruit and the tree seems to be growing ok.

should we leave the tree or is this terminal and should we cut the tree down?



I think it's fading fast - but you know, a venerable old fruit tree can be a big bonus in the garden - what about planting a Rambling Rector rose, or Pauls Himalayan Musk, or Rosa Seagull  or one of the other wonderful big scented ramblers, so that it climbs into the tree - it will look absolutely amazing 

 the birds and other wildlife will love it and it will fill your garden with perfume 

It could take a few seasons to give up the ghost....I've got one that has been in decline for 5 years...... so you can take some time to make a decision. Yes, I grew PHM rose up mine and, with a little careful pruning/guidance at the start, you can let it take over, with spectacular results. 

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