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Can any kind person tell me how to prevent my apple tree from growing apples which are spoiled by a sooty dark spotty finish and therefore only fit for going in the compost bin? The tree blossoms beautifully in springtime and the young green apples are looking healthy just now (July 2013).

I have inherited this tree from the previous owner and cannot name this particular variety other than it gives a cooking apple rather than a good eating one.

I spray the tree regularly but with no effect it seems. The tree is at least 35 years old. Any ideas or tips would be welcome. anyone?



the very inexperinced new gardener (from north east coast, Scotland)







If its a cooker, can't you just peel them and use the flesh, or are they rotten inside?

It might be a thing called scab which is a fungal problem. Have you been spraying with fungicides? You can just peel the fruit, as fidgetbones says, can't you?

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