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Hi all has anyone any idea of the nearest tasting apple to a pink lady that i can grow in this country,im told here its just not warm enough so need to shop around for another to get,

Jonathan, maybe? But Pink Lady was bred for Australian weather. At 600 feet above sea level and with long spells of wet and/or cold weather I have had success with Gala, Blenheim Orange and James Grieve.

Hi water butts iv only just got your answer many thanks do Blenheim orange or James Grieves taste anything like Pink Lady please

they are old varieties so maybe not as crispy as modern ones tho not fluffy. And more flavoursome but not as good for keeping as modern ones. They are both dual purpose ( cookers and dessert) so both quite tangy to modern tastes. As far as size of tree goes the Blenheim is a much more vigorous and upright tree even on the same rootstock than the James Grieve which tends to spread sideways rather than grow vertically. J.G. is much easier to harvest but B.O. makes a good shade tree.

Topaz might just fit the bill, it's a relatively new variety from the Czech Republic.


now whats i call good info, many thanks for that and sorry for delay ,weve been house hunting,
Good luck Water/Digger ((( @@ ))this is supposed to b a smilie cus i cant get em

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