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I am planning to plant 2 trees in my garden. First question pot or in the ground. My plan was to put them into pots sunk in the ground a little and then surround pots with stones so that Ican put containers round them. I only have a small garden and may have to move to a smaller property and may take trees with me. Advice please.

No reason why you should not grow them in a pot, there is no real need to sink it, but if you want to that is fine.  Just remember that you have to do for a plant in a pot anything that it needs - e.g. water, weed, keep free of pests and so on, more than if it were in the ground.  If you move then, you will probably be able to replant the trees in the ground, as long as it is within the next couple of years.  I find that after that, many plants dislike being moved from pot to ground.  If you are going to a smaller property with less room, the trees should do OK in their pots, depending upon the type of trees and the size of the pots.  They will need good feeding next spring,  & you will need to prune well to keep them within bounds.  Many good sites about pruning, RHS for example.  Good luck. 

flowering rose

you can also grow them espalier along a wall or fence.This does not take up much room and covers in my case the fence rather nicely.It will need training but the benifits are good.

why is my apple tree flowering/blossom on three branches in October ?


It's the generally cold wet summer Terry, a lot of plants have been confused by it.


Lenport, you can get apples on very dwarfing rootstocks now. And don't forget to get trees to cross pollinate. I think it best to buy from specialist fruit supplier who can offer large range of varieties, root stocks etc and advice rather than from local garden centre

The RHS site has suggestions for suitable rootstocks and cultural details and varieties for container growing.  I'm not sure they recommend the most dwarfing rootstocks. M9 and M26 if memory doesn't deceive me.

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