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"did want a Bramley but decided against that choice having seen I need two other apple trees to secure pollination success"

Bramley is a triploid apple tree but it definitely does not require two other apple trees to secure pollination success, it only needs one of the correct pollination group.

The problem with triploids is that not only are they are they self sterile but also they cannot pollinate other apple trees.

Bramleys are in pollination group 3 so most other apple trees (the vast majority) will pollinate them.

Jim Macd

Nice to Keeper's Nursery on the telly tonight. Very inspiring. I wish I had twenty times the garden I do. 


I've just ordered 2 apple trees for container growing, on M9 rootstock.

Arthur Turner, which I've grown before and has the most gorgeous flowers... it has an AGM for this...

and Red Windsor...a dessert apple... not tried that one before... so I'm looking forward to growing those.... I had others in mind..there are so many to choose from but after much deliberation....

..the online nursery I use hasn't been mentioned here but I prefer it for it's ease of use and availability of chosen rootstocks...

The Manic Slughunter

Salino which online nursery do you use? Thank you for all your comments and links so helpful...I'm sitting with several tabs open having a good old many to choose from and being a relative newcomer to veg/fruit gardening there's a lot to learn will hopefully make a decision soon:/.....



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