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Hi, I have an asparagus bed, 1m x 4m, 7years old.  I appear to have an infestation of asparagus beetle. til now I haven't noticed them or controlled them, so they have  built up without me noticing. I can  pick off about 50 adults twice a day, which is time consuming.  Is it worth picking them off ?  If I'm diligent will I get my infestation under control, so will merely need monitoring in following years ? 

I'm considering moving them to a new bed in the autumn anyway so they have more room, so I could wash the roots before replanting in new soil.  The old soil (where the adults emerge from I could skim off and put in a lidded compost bin for a year to try and break the cycle.  I guess I need to know what depth the beetles stay at in the soil. 

Any thoughts ?


Bumping up in case any asparagus beetle experts are about today 

Could it be the weather this year? I have a 3-year old asparagus bed and I've never had asparagus beetle before. Do you know any treatment that might work?

I'm still hand picking the beetles.  Seems to be temperature related how many I get each day.  I'm no longer getting 100/day more like 10/day at the moment.


As a last resort I used Provado last year and it seemed to work.  Looking at the number I picked off last night, I think I'll be resorting to it again this year. 

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