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My 3 year old asparagus hardly appeared at all last year due to the poor weather.  I live near Edinburgh.  Does anyone know if it is likely to come back this year?



Hi , did it show the year before

Thanks for replying. Yes it had a small crop (it being only in second year) but all the plants did produce.


Fingers crossed it'll make a reappearance - I find my fingers get crossed a lot in gardening - last year's weather was so appalling - hopefully when (if) the soil warms up this year it should make a reappearance - obviously don't over-crop if it's still being a bit shy.

You've started me thinking about buttery asparagus now - apparently it's just arrived in the markets in Cyprus - jealous?  Moi?  Looking at the weather today - yes!!!


as the lady says fingers x the man in the next plot to mine is growing Asparagus it was the worst year for growing he hope's to be getting a harvest next year , do not lose faith



thanks for your replies and optimism!  Will leave it and hope for a surprise....

chilli lover

Yes Dove I thought that looking at the news tonight. But we don't have their financial problems - do we???

Our asparagus crop was definitely reasonable last year - not bad, not excesive - maybe depends where in the country you are. Hang on in there lizathome - it's ealy days!

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