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I let my asparagus plants produce ferns a couple of months ago and some of these are now turning brown but I noticed  yesterday that they have started producing new spears. Can I cut these or should they also be left to seed. This has never happened before presumably it is because of the strange weather conditions we are having.


I would leave them to grow into fern and then cut them down as usual, this will help to build the plant up for next year.  

You mention leaving them to produce seed - I would remove any female plants from an asparagus bed as the production of seed takes energy from the plant which we would prefer to be directed into producing new spears next year.


I'm itching to yank the one female asparagus plant in my bed. Stupid scrawny thing it is, dropping its stupid berries that turn into weeds. My wife won't let me. I'm being ganged up on.


And now you join the gang against me.



But in response to Janet, I agree with Dove about letting the spears grow. I'm still getting spears popping up. Let them nourish the crown below for next season, chop them down with everything else when it all turns brown in winter.

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