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I have a number of autumn raspberry plants which over the years have prodcued good crops, which have not been touched by the birds or anything else even though they are not netted.

This year the crop appears to be a bit earlier than normal and not so strong but the main problem is that the wasps have been eating the raspberries before I can pick them in a ripe state.

The wasps have also attacked my blackberries.

It is too late to do anything this year but I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience or have I been lucky in previous years?


Never had a wasp problem, Mikew.

All you can probably do is net them with something fine enough to keep the beggars out.

I'm new to this myself so can't add anything, but I am wondering when autumn raspberries usually flower and fruit?

I planted an Autumn Bliss which is still growing strongly but there are no signs of flowers or fruit should I expect it to do anything this year now? I am in the central belt of Scotland if it makes much difference.


I'm growng Polka which have been flowering for some time now - fruit developing nicely 

Asked too soon - some flower buds appeared today!


my Autumn Bliss are starting to fruit now in N E England so probably just a bit later in Scotland.

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