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All the leaves on my baby avacado tree has wilted. and the trunk is turning black..... Can my potted drawf avacado tree be saved? I don't know what is wrong with it..... 


Hi Jade  telll us a bit more about your avocado - where does it live and what sort of compost is it in?

It's in a large pot. We used potting soil. It's sitting on the east side of the house to get the eastern sun but not the west. Every once in a while I feed it viggo plant feed that's made for avacado treEs 


How big is the pot and how big is the tree?  How often is it watered?

It's a hal barrel, and I water it every couple days if I notice the soil is dry.



And how big is the tree?  If it's in a half-barrel do I take it that it's outside?  Whereabouts do you live?

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