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The end of my garden is a south facing 6ft fence, I would like to grow fruit trees along here.  My father grew what I think he called Ballarina trees - long slim trees about 3ft apart.  This would mean I could grow about 5 trees in the space I have got - question - does anyone have any experience on these and advise on buying, what I think is a maiden tree ???, then pruning to make the column effect ???.  any help / advice would be very grateful.


Thanks  Katie



There are ballerina fruit trees-they are trained as columns

Jean Genie

Sorry Katie, Missed the ''fruit'' bit on the post.

Still none the wiser as I don't have fruit trees.

Note to oneself - read the post properly !



I have just had a balleria apple tree removed from my garden. It was supposed to grow to a height of 2M. It was taller than the house when it was cut down. I am now growing fruit trees on a dwarfing rootstock, in 20L pots. Rosa carriola's idea seems good although you don't need a fence. taut wwires between two posts will suffice.

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