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Today I harvested all my barlotto beans from the garden - I've got tonnes of them!

I plan to dry then fully before storing, but I need to know if I need to freeze them first.  I read somewhere that you need to freeze them for 48 hours before drying, otherwise next spring I'm likely to get lots of creatures hatching out of them.

Has anyone heard of this?

is it necessary?

should I pod and then freeze, or freeze and then pod?




I'm very jealous, with the weather being the way it was last Spring we only planted a few. Delicious in soups and casseroles. I haven't done it myself but if you want to I'd suggest podding then freezing before drying (and sharing your growing tips )




If you have room in your freezer I wouldn't bother to dry them, just store them in the freezer.  You can use them from frozen.


Yes, using them from frozen saves having to soak them before cooking.  

On the other hand rows of jars of beans on the pantry shelves look so reassuring 

Thanks all for your replies

hmm - growing tips.  Planted then out into raised beds as young plants after the first frost, then pretty much ignored them until last weekend.  Nearly lost them to black fly early on but once the ladybirds moved in all was fine.  In fairness though I live in Luxembourg so our summers are a little better.  But we still had a shocking spring!!!

I've been informed by an Italian colleague that it's barlotti as barlotto is singular - you learn something new every day

She took some fresh ones off my hands and says they're delicious in soups.


thanks again




This is just the info I've been looking for!  I've grown Barlotti for the first time this year. Planted them directly into the ground, in June and they've done really well. ( and I live in north Yorkshire)   No pests as far as I can see. 

Trouble is I'm not sure when they're ready. The beans inside are still white. Do they go pink inside the pod? Do I wait for that?  or do they change colour on drying?   In fact I think I will use them fresh or freeze them now I know that's ok.

I've been eating mine darn I didn't realise I had to wait.

They do go pink and speckled inside the pod. If you leave them. You can pick them now if you want. They'll be a bit like baked beans in size. If you pick them early it is best to freeze them, they won't dry as well. Either well very nice indeed

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