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whilst on holiday some of my runner beans have become rather large and to tough to eat but inside are some very fat red seeds. Does anyone know if i can use these for a new crop next year? If so do I have to do anything with them like dry them out ?

many thanks for any help forthcoming .



you need to let them ripen on the vine.  When the pods go brown you can pick them and store them


F1 seeds will not come true to type. If it is one of the old fashioned varieties it will be OK. As Nut says, let them go brown on the vine, then shell and keep in a dry, rodent proof place.

 Mice love these when they are stored in a paper bag in the shed. !

ok thanks for the info 

My dad refused to eat the green part of runner beans as he'd once had a cut-throat experience with a tough one. He grew them for their beans only and used to make good stews with them.

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