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Hi. I'm a grow-your-own novice and have a veg bed directly under a north facing fence so it is in shade all the time. I'm very keen not to waste the growing space though. Can anyone recommend the best veg and/or fruit for shady ground? Happy to put in a fruit tree and train it up the fence if anything would grow effectively. 


Morello cherry will do well on a north facing wall. 


I've grown Swiss chard very successfully in shade. 

Thank you fidget bones and dovefromabove. Will have to give Swiss Chard a try. Any joy with beans, peas or lettuce in the past?


I've grown all of those in a North facing garden, but only in spots where they got sun for at least some of the day. 


Stacey Docherty

Beetroot does well in shade as do pumpkins. I have also grown asparagus in shade

Excellent - I'll try beetroot with the swiss chard and maybe some asprags.

Cheers guys.

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