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I planted seeds a few weeks ago and nothing much has come up yest. Im I too late to try planting some more?

Everything of mine is late

Ta lots


Plenty of time to sow more seed.  just rake it over and start again.


I sow chard at intervals from spring to late summer./early autumn - the last sowing stands through the winter to give an early crop in the spring.  We had a fantastic crop this spring 

Oh thats helpful, thank you, i wonder why it wasn't sucessful? Thanks for advice 


Where did you sow them?  I sow mine direct into the garden, give them a watering and stand well back - germination within a fortnight usually.

My favourite variety for flavour and reliability at the moment is Lucullus .

 I'm also getting good cropping from the Ruby chard.  I did find that the multi-coloured ones didn't stand so well over winter.

Good luck 



Bumping so it rises above the spam.

Spam and chard fritter anyone? 

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