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So I planted a Japanese Wineberry plant a couple of years ago, and in the 3 years it has been sitting in my garden it's grown quite tall.

It produces the most amazing sweet berries that are really easy to pick

(you do get sticky hands though) Birds are luring at the bush but won't even dare to get in there because it has some nasty little needly thorns, and bugs (mosquito's) don't get near it when you are trying to pick them later in the evening, because they will stick to the plant

and there are soooo much berries on it. Really if you want an easy plant that produces heaps of fruit, go get a japanese wineberryplant!


I have been picking for days now and there is still so much fruit on the plant.
Everyday there are new fresh-ripe ones ready to be picked.

 I just love it.


Oh wow, that looks amazing, and so much fruit! Im not a very attentive gardener so would be worried it would take over! Am still tempted to get one after seeing your post

Great you really should get one  and if it gets "to wild" just trim it back.

But flavorwise this plant beats plain raspberries by miles in my opinion.

The pits are much smaller to then the ones in raspberries,, and when you pick the first ones of the season, I believe the pits are at the smallest and you don't even notice them in your mouth.


Could you show us a photo of the whole plant?

Hehe sure I'll go take a pic. be right back 



..I think I would like one of these... thanks for this information... I too wonder just how big the plant gets to produce all this fruit...?

As big as this:





It was this big when I bought it 3 years ago:


 (second one hehe) the other 3 have been deleted because they weren't as good as the JWB)


But it is also very decorative because as you can see the leaves have beautiful silver foilage underneith.

Really if you have a little bit of space in your garden and looking for a fruit plant, get one of these! The only negative is that it stings like HELL when you are pruning it without gloves


..I have decided that you have far too much fruit on that plant so I am hopping on a plane to pick some...

seriously...they look gorgeous but I think it's likely to be too big for me.. don't know what others think... and perhaps too thorny.... there is a thornless Tayberry 'Buckingham'... that might be comparable...

..about £13.00 to buy a Wineberry plant over here... not bad really... and I should add that from what I've read...the plant is highly decorative in winter...stems glowing red...!

Haha I'll send you some by airmail haha

You can prune it as little as you like actually but it is really Thorny indeed

But if you buy one, you can easily get more plants out of it because each time when one vein hits the soil on the ground, it produces little roots and you can plant up those roots to get a whole new plant (I have one huge one on the other side of my garden that I got from this little plant, but I agree that one is grown a bit too wild gonna cut that down in autumn.

Haha yeah you can look at it that way indeed Edd 

Dors it throw out runners underground? I really considering one, jusy worried it will become a monster, i had to butcher my blackberry because that had become to unruly!

Yep and Yep although a little bit of shade won't hurt it.

My other plant is partially in the shade and thrives as well so.
But if it had to choose I think it would prefer full sun

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