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Hi folks,

we have just put raised beds into place and now need to add some organic matter to the soil before we plant our veg. What would be the best organic matter options?


Home made compost would be very good; if you don't have enough, try googling 'Green Manures'. These are plants like Sweet Clover that you grow and then dig in (preferably before seeds form) Good luck with it.


If you are growing veg this year then you need stuff that is already rotted down and not fresh. Old leaf mould, composted manure. Even a few grobags or something like that will help.

Over winter while there are no other plants growing you can use fresh manure or green manures then.


i back blueberry77 on this you are  a tad late . top soil and grow bags now . and dig fresh compost at autum to be ready for next spring . 

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