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I have usually grown two varieties of runner beans each year tryng to find the best flavoured, stringless runner bean. I have come to the conclusion that white flowered varieties are better at setting big crops. Polestar was very good last year. Am trying White lady this time too. What's best variety for you ?

I grew Polestar this year too-and as I have some seeds will probably do the same next year

In past years have grown Enorma,Painted Lady,Lady Di ,Scarlet Emperor and a few others- that I can't remember

Find me a string-less bean that taste good and repels blackfly- and I 'll have it

I tried Painted Lady and Scarlet Empire this year, they were both good croppers and tasty. Much prefer runner and french beans to broad beans.  


I grew White Lady, in past and is supposed to be good in dry summers which it was. I found the crop this year not so good, but will grow it next year as the seeds last more than 2 years, and it may have been planting medium this year. 


Dove, just looked it up. Will try it next to white lady

I hope it performs as well for you as it has for me and that you enjoy the beans

It won the RHS trials in '99.  We grew these in our new vegetable patch, out of which we'd had to dig quite a few tree roots from the mature ash tree nearby and the soil is free draining sandy loam and was quite hungry.  I didn't have a chance to dig a bean trench but dug plenty of well rotted manure into the soil before planting out and mulched with the same later. I got 99.9% germination in the coldframe and planted out I think in early June.  They grew away well and started to crop late July.  The quality of the first flush of beans especially was superb - real show standard - I felt sad that I didn't still live in the vllage where I used to show my  fruit and veg - I'd have had a chance to compete with the 'old boys' with those beans. 

After the first flush I sprinkled a little potash around the roots and watered it in well - as I said the soil is very hungry and also they'd had a lot of nitrogen from all that manure.- after that there was no looking back and they cropped steadily until mid October when they tailed off.  In August and early September we watered every day (it was dry then, remember?) (we have a water butt which takes the water from our shower) and had absolutely no problems with setting even though as you know there were few insects about this year - I noticed they were regularly visited by a variety of solitary bees.  

I'm really looking forward to growing these beans in what I hope will be a more reasonable season - but I'll need to get a bigger freezer 

I grow White Lady and we find it has a good flavour and crops really well no matter what weather we get in summer. Will try Wisley Magic too.

I've tried several varieties here in Dordogne and the one that does far the best in this climate is Scarlet Emperor. It may have been surpassed for flavour, tenderness and stringlessness by other varieties in the UK but if you live somewhere that has hot summers it's way ahead.

I grew Polestar few years ago and been the best one for me the taste was great, did not have many this year as slugs kept eating them - but I had a few nice ones STGeorge red and white flowering ones good long beans and nice taste can't get better than home grown Runner beans. 

I tried Red Rum,Enorma,Scarlet Emperor,ST George and White Emergo all this year in small wigwams. I do think the bees go for the white flowers first they might stand out more for them.

I grew White lady last year nice white and yellow flowers grows well lots of beans. I must say my runner beans always seem to get black fly, they must pass other people's Runner beans just to get at mine (but nut sure they might have them as well as me)


I am going to sow seeds of summer savory with all beans this year. Appaently black fly don't like it. Have to wait until summer to find out

Do you know what runner bean you will be growing this year?

Anybody been and got their seeds already?


I usually grow White Lady, bees like it, weather resistant - as far as anything can be - including drought. Good flavour attractive to look at.

Seeds already in for all veggies - made use of before Christmas discounts.

Scarlet Emperor is always a good bet for runner beans




I had moonlight and firestorm last year. I'm only growing the moonlight this year,and climbing French bean, sultana.


Already mentioned runners on hello FORKERS but this year growth is way, way down on previous years. Growing St George for a change.....always had white stringless before which were excellent.  Would expect beans to be at top of frame by now, viz., 6 or 7' buf right now they are barely 2' .  Slightly embarrassing cos I grow great beans and loads of them but just have a large framework with tiddly  beans at the base   They are growing more quickly now but........!!!!


And the rest of us in the frozen north (instead of sunny verdunland)have only just put the seeds in. Don't worry folks, still plenty of time to plant seeds and get a good harvest. My broad beans at  getting a good set of pods though.


Last year I tried to grow White Lady with not much luck. This year am giving Moonlight a go. So far growth looks OK

Also broad beans The Sutton seem to have loads of pods this year 

As a novice sowing and planting too early last year I have just bought tomatoe plants and runner bean plants to plant this weekend. I was shocked at the prices !!! What seeds can I sow at the moment to be more economical and still get some produce this year. I dont have a greenhouse and my garden is shaded a lot of the time by a mature Ash tree