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Green Magpie

I've grown Maskotka a couple of times and was very pleased with them. Like everything else they struggled last summer, but they're a bush-type tomato, easy to grow, with small, tasty fruits. They are suitable for growing in pots and containers, but I just let mine straggle around in a raised bed.I'm planning to grow them again this year.

Green Magpie. Sounds like Maskotka are worth a try this year.

Slightly off topic, as these toms haven't yet been grown or tasted...I've also a french tom variety, called cerise, brought back from holiday last year. From my limited French, after reading the distructions and looking at the pictures on the packet it looks like a cherry variety which grows on a vine and in France can be sown out doors although I'd be looking to grow in GH.  Has anyone tried these...      


I have, as I live in France. It's very attractive with the shiny red tomatoes arranged neatly down the stems, but I think Sungold is sweeter and Gardener's Delight has more flavour. I sow all seeds under cover. I grow a couple of plants in the greenhouse and a couple outside of each variety of whatever I grow. Tomatoes ripen earlier and live longer in the greenhouse but the outdoor ones taste better. When the weather is very hot here the cherry tomatoes near the walls and roof tend to cook on the plants! 

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