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Netting should always be checked every day to ensure small birds are not entangled - nothing to do with whether it is secured properly or not.

peas have not germinated this year, some sown in the ground, some in root trainers,( I actually use toilet roll tubes) both in the greenhouse and outside Was it too cold, a later sowing was better.

My early sowings either didn't germinate or were slow. Before resigning myself to just growing beans this year I tried one more sowing about mid April and have a dozen or so, pea's early and sugar snap planted out. Mangetout have been dismal this year.

I would say it's been the cold weather. If you recall we had a warm Easter last year, I had pea's early planted out by then and they were romping away by June.     


Strangely, this is the first year ever that my peas have germinated and flourished; they are totally protected from pigeons with sturdy mesh and bamboo. I think it is the birds that get them when they first appear.

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