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Hi everyone, i've just picked a nice beet & i've got some others looking good now. As i'm a newbie to veg gardening i was wondering what are the best ways to preserve them until i'm ready to cook them?


I keep them in the fridge until I have few, then cook them and open freeze. None of us like vinigar so I dont pickle.

If you simply mean how to store fresh pulled beetroot until you have sufficient to make a meal, you may be able to keep them for longer if you used the "clamp" method (similar to clamping Beet or Carrots ?

I'm certainly no expert on this method but think it is layering your veg with dry sand or soil and keeping cool and dark.

I imagine either Dove from Above or Welshonion would be able to advise


I tend to lift and eat the beetroot as they are ready; at this time of year we plan our meals around what's ready in the garden.

During the growing season beetroot keep best in the soil, but they need lifting before the frosts can damage them.

Philippa's right, we used to build a soil root clamp - a smaller version of the way farmers would store fodder beet to feed their cattle through the winter.

This site gives more information 

Hope that's helpful 





I freeze them once I've boiled and skinned them



Does anyone else use a pressure cooker to cook their beetroot?  Mine comes out once a year to do the job and is known as 'hissing sid'.  Then pickled in Kilner jars to keep us going during the year.  I do like a bit of unpickled though.

David.........when you say "Lime Jelly" do you make your own or do you mean those little rubbery squares ? ( which I recall eating raw as a child  ).

I love Beetroot either fresh or pickled but never tried it with first, it sounded a bit odd but I'm warming to the idea now.

Forester......."hissing sid".........I have used in the past but after several occasions of not keeping an eye on the wretched thing and the kitchen becoming like a Turkish Bath, I gave up .  I also recall my mother cooking everything to death with the HS and then being forced to "eat your greens, dear" that is probably another reason why I am not too keen

Beetroot and Orange Chutney, the recipe can be found in BBC Good Food.

Kay..........that sounds interesting

Trouble for me is that I already have a ton of all sorts of Chutneys...........I think they will probably outlive me

I give mine away and just keep a couple of large jars and decant the chutney into smaller jars as I need it, that way i don't feel overwhelmed by it.


Forester, I have a Hissing Sid. Love the name. I wouldn't be without him. I make the cooked orange base for marmalade in less than 15 minutes with him. I don't know why people are so nervous of them - there is absolutely no way that they can explode. And they save so much fuel as they cook most things in about a third of the time.



Pansy - I did have an accident once with Hissing Sid and had beetroot juice shoot up to the ceiling and down the walls.  The cats are a bit wary too when the hissing starts.  My Mum used to cook everything in it, but mine only comes out for the beetroot.  I don't eat meat but I remember Mum cooking cheaper cuts of meat in it for Dad.  I like the idea of using it for marmalade though so will look into that in February.


We like to eat young beetroot roasted with a sour cream dressing, sometimes with the addition of some horseradish (brilliant accompanying roast beef).

And a few years ago I made a Beetroot chilli relish - it was fabulous - I made loads of it and included it in some Christmas hampers for friends and rellies.  Everyone loved it.

I bookmarked the link to the website, but it seems that the site is down   but if anyone is into pickles and chutney making it would be pretty easy to reproduce - it involved raw grated beetroot, a sprinkling of chilli flakes, a mix of cider and balsamic vinegar and dark muscavado sugar if I remember correctly 

I'm growing beetroot and will have to decide later in the year what to do with them. Never really had them before, except thoe pickled in vinegar, but I can't eat vinegar now, so will need to do something else with them.

Maybe just boiled or roasted.

I have a pressure cooker, havent used it in a while. They are great for cooking lamb. I once was making some which had a large bone in it for making a stock first and i forget to let the steam out before I attempted to open it. This is hard work, I thought as I pulled the two handles apart. It dawned on me just as it released why it was so hard (still under pressure) and then the lid (in my hand) shot up and luckily didnt rip my arm off with it, and the lamb bone shot up like a rocket and smashed noisily into the ceiling along with the stock which went EVERYWHERE. I had a friend over at the time who found it very ammusing. I was not hurt, luckily and it was very funny actually. But the point is, they are safe so long as you're not a forgetful idiot.


Glad I'm not the only dipstick Snowathlete - it does terrify me, but use it as it cuts down tremendously on the beetroot cooking time.



chocolate beetroot cake, doesn't hang around for long tho!