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Can anyone tell me why my peppers are turning black?


In what way 'turning black' - are they ripening to a blackish red, or are they rotting?  Can you post a pic?

Depending on the variety peppers usually go from green to black before they turn red, one of life's wonders

Hi theyre still quite small and green but it looks like black patchy mould growing in the skin, sorry  havent got a pic, they dont seem as if theyre rotting

im not sure of the variety of pepper as i got them given but i know theyre red peppers, but if they do go from green to black to red ill just leave them

many thanks


Black patchy mould doesn't sound good. Does the mould come off when you run you finger on it?



Barbara, does the mould look anything like this?


Hi, no i dont think its a mould its just the skin is black instead of green, and the skin is still quite shiny, like a pepper should be


Can you post a photo? If it's not mould or disease, it could be that it's actually a black variety. It wouldn't be the first time a wrong seed was planted. They can come in all sorts of colours - brown, black, purple. If a black, left to mature on the plant, it will eventually turn green.


I bought  plants from B&Q last year "chocolate"  this gave me  "chocolate" then  before I could use a ny more they started turning green to red  .With leaving on the plant longer The green to reds gave  a much fleshier pepper (capsicum) . though this may have been due to   the blood fish and bone when I eventuly repotted  and lots of water - who knows? 

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