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I am a novice so bare withme on these issues. I grow flowers and plants at the of my home in pots and containers. Unfortunately I have noticed leaves turning brown at the edges , I have been looking on other sites for answers but am not sure if I am identifying the correct issue. Some of the things noted are leaf scorch,deficiency I would be grateful if anyone could help as I don't want to lose these blackberry bushes. By the way I live in n.ireland maybe the weather an issue.

Have they flowered and fruited yet?

How old are they?

Just flowered

It could just be the leaves are getting old-you will cut the fruiting branches out once you have picked the fruit anyway-blackberries are tough old things -look how they grow in the wild

I wouldn't be too concerned-perhaps if you could post a picture of the affected leaves?

The plants are only in the 2nd year of growing and they have'nt produced any fruit yet.



They will now you have flowers-the fruit will form-it honestly all sounds good -but post a photo then reassurances can be made

Thanks sonongeoff appreciate your advise.

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