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I want to plant three blueberry plants in pots.  Is now a good time or should I wait until spring?

Where is the best place to put them? I have a north facing garden, but its large and some areas at the bottom get a fair amount of sun.  Do they need full sun or could manage some shade?  I live on the coast too - do they need a sheltered spot (I could find one where its not too windy). Lots of variables!


Hiya Catherine

I bought my blueberries from Trehanes in Dorset.  They are the specialists. I received 3 varieties....I actually have 4 now....from them as quite large plants and they fruit very well.  You can go online to view their website.

They need an acid soil....this is the essential ingredient.  My sol is neutral so I grow in pots of ericaceous soil (mine are plunged in garden)

Mine are in full sun but they are,woodland or partial shade lovers.  I too am near the coast.  My garden though is sheltered though.  So, I suggest you visit Trehanes where advice on buying, planting etc is given.  Good time of year to order them. ,

Oh! Blueberries are delicious.

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