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Currently I have around 16 middle sized blueberry bushes growing in tubs. I have been thinking of building a couple of raised beds in order to transfer all the blueberries into. The raised beds will be approximately 12 feet long x 2.5 feet wide and 2 feet high. However I am conscious of the fact that it's going to take a lot of ericaceous compost to fill the raised beds and that stuff doesnt come cheap.

Do the raised beds need to be filled with pure ericaceous compost or can it be a mixture of soil and ericaceous compost? Also is there a way to making ericaceous soil or compost myself?


I'm not brill as blueberries in pots of eric'.

I would add some peat free compost & some leaf mould to help bulk out the eric' compost and give the occasional eric feed, and if beds are dry water with rain water.

Hope someone else can help more  Dunno if seq' iron would help


Well, acidity is essential.  

I prefer to use ericaceous SOIL rathen than mpc.  So, that makes it even more expensive I guess.  Soil can still buy ericaceous more substantial in every way and worth the extra cost.

Can you get acid soil locally?  Have you ever taken a PH sample of your own soil?  How alkaline is it?

A mixture of ericaceous composf/soil, leaf mould,(if acid) garden soil (if acid) and bark chips ( but these need to be acid too).  You already have 16 containers of compost to add to your bed.

It seems to me your bushes will be pretty close together ....maybe too close?

I grow my blueberries in largish confainers plunged in the garden.  Perhaps you could do the same?  

If you cannot provide enough ericaceous soil I would be inclined to keep in pots 


Hi Greenlove, your problem of soil led me to buy Honeyberry as  they are ok in normal soils ,i did get some blueberry but they are staying in pots as im told they prefer them, i know  this don't help you at all but good luck Alan

Hi guys. Thank you very much for the replies.

Verdun, my garden soil is very clayish and as a result everytime I plant something I have to dig a fairly large hole which I then fill with a mixture of soil and compost (I get rid of the clayish soil that I dig out).

I intended to build two of those beds so there should be plenty of space I think. The plants are already in fairly large containers that have all been placed inside a large 12feet x 6feetx6feet cage. I thought using raised beds would give the roots more space to develop and also make the whole thing look neater. But by the sounds of it looks like I may be better leaving them in pots.


I think you are right to leave them in their containers 

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