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Do blueberry plants need to be pruned?



To get the best fruit production yes.  Blueberries fruit on the previous years growth and you prune them when they are dormant Nov-Mar.

They don't need much in the first 2-3 years just try to keep the bush open centred and remove any crossing branches.

Subsequent years:
- cut out any dead, dying, diseased, crossing growth
- cut one or two of the oldest canes down to the ground
This way you keep a constant renewal of young growth alongside the fruiting canes. Hope that helps.

Brill!  Thanks so much for the information.


There are different varieties of Blueberry and some you do not prune. You need to find your variety and follow instructions for that. I agree with the pruning out of dead, diseased or corssing growth though. Keep moist all year - they are effectively bog plants.


Blairs would be interested to know the varieties you don't prune as I didn't realise this. Thanks.


which one's don't need pruning then

and do you need more than one

I grow blueberries and am always afraid to prune them just in case I stop them fruiting.  Mine are about 3 years old and I must say I have had loads on them but the bushes do not look as compact as the picture in the brochure where I purchased them from.  Perhaps I should have a go.


An example of Blueberry that doe not need regular pruning is Tophat which is a patio variety. As a rule, prune as you harvest and you will not go wrong and that saves you cutting that years growth which is next years fruit.

Do they do well in pots?
Emma Crawforth

Hello gardenbabe,

They do do well in pots, and this is a good way to provide the acid conditions they require. Have a look at Chris Beardshaw's video on planting them.

Emma team


Tophat? Yes they are patio plants designed for pots. I got a reasonable crop in the first year and bought more this year. Would recommend. To get a good crop you need a blueberry bush such as Chandler. I have a mix of them - all in pots (you will need large pots for Chandler)

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