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hi im just wondering if you can grow cuttings from the new soft growth from a blueberry bush.

thank you.



Neil, you're better off using year-old wood. I tried it last year and it worked. I did mine in February, from memory.

I have 3 blueberry bushes in pots, I am interested in trying cuttings but have been wondering about trimming them? Should I? Would cutting them back damage them? When is best? They are about 5/6 years old and just over 1m in height.


mirabelle, here's a useful guide to pruning blueberries that I work from. Hasn't let me down yet.

Many thanks Italophile. I had a wonderful crop last year and although there are a lot of berries this year not as many. So this autumn I shall get going with my secataurs; the guide is very clear and helpful. Thanks again.


I am not sure how to prune my blueberry bush.  It has fruited this year, it's second, but the birds got to the berries before me.  It does have a number of new strong, long shoots from two main stems.  Should I cut these back and if so, when and by how much?  Help please.



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