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I've got 4 blueberry bushes the variety is 'top hat' 2 of the bushes are either 3 or 4 years old & the remaining 2 are a year younger. 

Ive got the bushes in very large pots & I've made sure that they are in ericacious compost. However only one of the bushes (one of the older ones) ever produces any fruit the other bushes don't even flower or if they do the flowers are very small & just drop off & die ???? not leaving any fruit afterwards  unfortunately I was broken in to earlier in the year & my purse was stolen. The thieves actually burnt it & in the process also burnt the fruit producing bush! 

Luckily it has still produced some fruit but is there any reason why the other bushes aren't producing fruit? The bushes are all in the same size pot & are all in the same place, all receive the same amount of water & the same brand of compost was used throughout. Does anyone know why the other bushes aren't producing fruit? Is there anything I can do to encourage the other bushes to fruit? Any advice gratefully received! 



Sorry to hear about your purse!  Blueberries do need feeding when grown in pots so if you aren't doing that, a good regular feed with an ericaceous plant food should encourage them to flower and set fruit.  If you have a local garden centre, ask them which of the ericaceous feeds they sell would be best for blueberries.  You can buy granular or liquid feeds, but stick to the instructions on whatever type you buy and don't over-feed.


I don't really know why one fruits and the others don't, but I do know they need watering only with rain water and planting in ericaceous compost and feeding for acid loving plants. The other thing is that if you have 2 or more different varieties they produce much more fruit, something to do with cross-pollination.

I agree with advice given.....different varieties are needed for good pollination.  Add another variety and you will increase your yield.  Watering......they need good supply of water.  Mine are grown in large pots of ericaceous compost plunged in the ground....I do this  because the pots do not dry out as quickly.   I water from the hose though..A good ericaceous feed in spring and a couple of sprays with Epsom salts works for me.  I have 4 different varieties and am picking already from a bumper crop


It has been very dry this year and Blueberries are bog plants in the summer. I have lost 2 'top hat' as I moved them into a raised bed that is too well draining (legacy of last years wet weather!). Think that is why you are losing the flowers/fruit. The wind can also knock them off.


Thanks guys! I'll get some ericacious feed ASAP then & have a look round for some different varieties! I'll also give them some more water I do water them but maybe not enough! Fingers crossed for next year then 


May be a silly question but how do you know when to pick blueberries - is it purely on colour or combination of firmness, colour etc ?

One of my  2 blueberries has produced a bumper crop. whereas the other (patriot)seems to be dropping leaves and has brown leaves too and is suffering in the heat despite regular watering

I pick on colour.  Blue and they're ready.  Pick those that are blue

I also pick on colour, as soon as they're blue I pick therm. I've found if I leave them too long, (the fruit) I get caterpillars in them so make sure you wash thoroughly! 


Thanks Verdun. Picked today and am really pleased with my crop. Picked on colour but then realised that some of the berries were not blue on both sides so was more careful.

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