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Jim Macd

 I will if I can't get it sorted. I'll even quote the email I got yesterday which basically said how happy they were to mislead customers. I'm going to call them again in my break to try to speak to a manager. They were oddly dealing with another customer yesterday. Why am I not surprised.

Jim Macd

Managed to get this sorted it was in my bank later yesterday. It was Primrose by the way.

Why not a thread of bad and good companies on this forum. Or is there a problem with legalities.


Have a look through the threads Tom. 

Yes Tom.  There are a few and one currently about small online nurseries too.  


Im pleased to see you've finally got it sorted. For future reference I thought you may like to know a bit more about your rights (since they've been discussed a few times).

Basically anything you buy must be of satisfactory quality and as described. If they aren't, the retailer (the person who sold it to you) MUST put it right. This could be by a repair, a replacement or a full or partial refund. In addition the consumer protection from unfair trading regulations make it an offence to incorrectly describe something you are buying. I would argue that as plant sizes are routinely described by pot sizes if you are supplied with a plant in a pot smaller than that described or with a plant whose roots don't sufficiently fill the pot, it is likely to be misleading. This will be easier to apply to online sales mind as you can't see the plant size before buying. I should point out that this could be a bit of an iffy argument and may not hold up in court. But it's worth a try.

As a couple of people have mentioned paying by credit card. The protection offered by using a credit card only applies to purchases over ??100 (and less than ??30,000). The ??100 minimum relates to single items only. So if you buy 4 plants at a total of ??101 the protection doesn't apply. If each plant was ??101 your purchase is protected. Some companies however will offer the same level of protection to lower value purchases or direct debit purchases but they don't have to. Martin Lewis has a great guide to s75 (consumer credit act) which explains the law far better than I.

I hope that this helps (either now or in the future).

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