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My clever neighbours came round today and told me they have built an archway OVER the main path through their veg bed to plant their runner beans. This will only steal about 20cm from the beds each side to grow a whole load of runners. Will try to get pics in next few days.

If you cement the feet of the arches into pop bottles and bury them about a ft into the ground it adds strength to the structure.

A cane attached to the middle of the arch means you could grow 6 plants up each arch. I grew 18 plants that way last year using 5 or 6 different varieties of french/runner beans growing over 3 arches.  

Jungleseeds did sell a bumper pack of different coloured beans last year at a really reasonable price and if you allow some of the plants to grow, for seeds, they save really well.


If it ever stops raining I will take pics, the guy who built the arch is a builder so it will be rock solid.

Would be nice to see some pictures...if I did pictures would post some too but I'm not sure how to load them onto the computer and can't find the instruction manual which came with the camera.



zoomer, there should be a lead that goes from the camera into one of the 'ports' on the computer, the camera should be 'on'. Then hopefully your computer gives you instructions on how to transfer from camera to computer and asks you where you want to put them, I just put them in a file that exists in the computer called Pictures.. I always get my computer to delete all the pics on the camera after they have been transferred to the computer. When you have the pics in the computer, hopefully with labels like 'garden May 5 2013' then you can press the tree image next to the spell check when you are posting here and follow the instructions from there. I am not a techy at all, but I can manage to upload photos.

I got that very idea from a book and put an arch between 2 of my raised veg beds last year for runner beans. It gives me more space for dwarf beans. This year I am trying climbing nasturtiums with the runners.


Jengil, it sounds great; can we see photos?


 This is all I had space for in my little veg garden for runners

...that's not an arch .....It's similar to the structure though which I'm using for pea's this year except I've used wooden latts instead of a cane rectangle at the top, with two latts secured in the middle of the shorter lengths, which run into the ground by about a ft. The canes attached to the rectangle are crossed in the middle like giant X 's.  

 I have three wide metal arches over the main garden path, growing beans on one side and climbers trained up the other side. The plants meet in the middle creating a canopy.

Unlike a wigwam structure there isn't a mass of all the plants meeting at the top.

Thanks for the tip about loading pics, now where is that lead....


Hmm, that's given me inspiration for more planting space for runners...might have to whizz off for a cople of cheapo arches tomorrow.


Zoomer, it is a tunnel! Or it will be if the sun keeps shining

We have to see pics of your's!

What are wooden latts? I am primarily a visual person, so written descriptions of a structure make my brain turn to mashed potatoes.

Figrat, brill idea getting cheap ready made arches.

A wooden latt is is a long thin rectangular piece of wood similar to the wood used for old wooden clothes props, in fact I think I used an old clothes prop to make the frame.

I have tried uploading photos but it just won't work and I get the oops message every time, sorry.

It is just a simple metal arch that I covered with pea and bean netting and pushed into the ground.



that is a great idea... and might ell try that myself next year. as my more traditional style triangle structure has taken up loads of room this year.

Great idea. Wish I'd looked at this yesterday before I planted my runner beans. I'll bear it in mind for next year.

Jengil. I'd thought of something different this year to grow along side pea's and beans. My garden's like Dr Who's Tardis so every available space is used. I've sweetpea with  pea's this year and have nasturtiums and morning glory seedlings which could be planted along side the beans. It all add's colour and attracts the good guy's like bee's and ladybirds.    

Hey, artjak.

...would you just believe this, just been out in the garden to close the GH and looked over the fence into the adjacent allotment and on one plot there is a bean frame like the one in my garden, they have either read the, been on this website or peeped over my fence...... I'm making it my mission now to either find that lead to post pictures or going into town to buy one at the weekend.  


Zoomer, my veg bed also has everything squeezed in, tiny rows of radishes or spring onions wherever I can fit them.