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Lavender Lady

I have bought some small beetroot plants.  Ideally I would like to grow in a container.  Can I do this and does it need to be a deep container ? 


 It needs to be pretty deep as there needs to be room not just for the beet itself but for the roots underneath.  Beets don't much like being transplanted, but it can be done with care and plenty of water,  Use a sandy  compost, or with plenty of vermiculite so the beets can push down into it.  Best of luck with them. 

Lavender Lady

Thanks Bookertoo - when you say 'pretty deep' how deep do you think then ?



Hello LL, I'm currently growing beetroot in some old hanging baskets. They are a variety that is designed to be picked small. It is called Action and the packet says that it can be grown in window boxes, so that sort of depth would probably be OK so long as you didn't mind them being baby beet size.

Lavender Lady

Thank you pansyface.  yes I love the baby beet size, cannot wait for them to grow.



If you have a deep enough pot, you should be able to. I've grown baby beets and normal sized ones and I've found that its the small ones that have the longest root.

Yes Lavender you can, however if you want them to grow to full size rather than eating as baby beets you will need lots of pots for a half decent harvest.  Dont forget you can also eat the young leaves - I blanch mine like spinach before eating.

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