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11/02/2013 at 11:32

I have a strip of garden I propose growing potato plants....I am not sure wether I can have 2 rows or one....what is the best distance between rows????

Also I have dug up a patch of 12 cabbage plants, what is the best veg to plant in the same place at this time or into March.??????

Thank you.....Brian

11/02/2013 at 12:08

Broad beans would be good can be planted now-I would start them off in pots as the soils is rather claggy at the moment

As regards spacing you need to leave room to earth up and walk between the rows-so around 18 inches to 2 feet

Incidentally-there is no need to post your e-mail address.

11/02/2013 at 12:11 Hi Brian this is allyou will need its pretty good


11/02/2013 at 12:15

Thank you for your reply....I am doing exactly what you said about the Boad Beans already have some in from Autum some of which have been flattened by the snow so am replacing when grown in pots......thanks for the advice on the spuds it will now be a single row, might by 2 were it gets wider.

I was going out today but more snow............Brian

11/02/2013 at 12:21

Thanks Alan will download...the snow is keeping me indoors.....cheers.

11/02/2013 at 12:44

your welcome matey i was soing up the allotment but 5 mins ago rain again so no go good luck Alan4711

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