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Hi there, Does anyone know where I can buy cape gooseberries for decoration purposes. I want them with their paper shell on? Chris

Waitrose, Tescos, Sainsbury's all sell them when they're in season - I'd pop in and ask to speak to their fruit and veg manager 


The large supermarkets sell them this time of the year as they are popularly served as part of a dessert  with the yellow fruit partly dipped in chocolate but still in their papery shells.


Sainsbury's had them today

Zephyr Rodrigues

Cape Gooseberries, (Physalis Peruviana), I love them! I have never tried to grow them in England but they certainly grew in Kenya and grow very well in Algarve region of Portugal! They don't seem fussy about soil type and just require a sunny spot and water.

At the plant nursery, Viverplanta where I work we have lots of potted ones for sale. Maybe you could grow a small bush indoors or in a greenhouse if you have one and that way have your own supply of berries. I'd be happy to supply you with a couple of plants at a modest price in August.



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