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My carrots have grown well and are now nearly ready.

I've noticed that the 'leaves' of some of the carrots are slightly frazzled ... has anybody any ideas why ?





Frazzled how? A bit more fern-like? If so, could be staring to go to seed.

The 'fronds' of the carrot seem to have burned as if they have been in the sun and dried out.

I don't think its gone to seed.


Miss Becks

Do you mean like this Chris?




 Mine have been doing it for a couple of weeks now. They were nice and big, and bushy, then just died down. Only the container ones though. The ones in the ground stayed bushy.

Still taste ok though.

Yes,  like that .

Have pulled a couple and will eat them tonight,  they certainly look fine to eat !.

I'm not worried it would be ice to know why this happens !




Miss Becks

I can't answer that one I'm afraid. This is my first year, so still a newbie.

Someone might know though.


Ah, now I see. I've had things like aphids and other sucking pests do that sort of thing to carrots.


They'll still be fine to eat. I had some that looked like that in a large bed last year, I left them in and pulled them up as and when I wanted. Some stayed in the ground right up until spring (survived the snow too), when I wanted to plant the bed up with flowers.

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