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Stay in Glasgow and sowed carrot seeds ten days ago in a large 38" plant pot with poor compost/sand mix. I have left it outside, uncovered, and while the frosts seem to have stopped I am wondering if a have been a bit quick...should I have started it inside, do they need a bit of heat to get going? It has been pretty mild here, if wet and windy.



north manchester mine are older and still inside in seed trays , bring inside if you can . and  keep am warm 


in southwest but waiting for the soil to warm up a bit then will sow them direct

Oakley Witch
Im in Fife an mines are outside in pots. Just takin their time but there are small signs.

I would put a bit of see through cling film over them to be safe, helps germination and helps avoid them getting too cold to be honest, just in case the weather changes.



In southwest and too cold and windy to sow direct so started them indoors

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