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Is it possible to transplant carrot seedlings?

i use toilet roll middles for carrots then plant the whole roll with the carrot in them
no probs,kitchen roll middles are great for beans go for it

You can grow them in modules to plant out but you can't...well, most of them will fail....dig up and transplant carrots.  I'm sure if done very carefully you could but I have never managed it. 

Why do you want to transplant them?  Do you have gaps in the rows?  Better to sow again in those gaps if so


You can, but the leaves will probably turn purple/red then die. Best to sow thinly or in paper tubes, not toilet rolls though because they don't break down and can turn fungal or slimy - put me right off when it came time to eat them. 

If direct sowing, I find that by putting a clear flattened out bag over the top aids germination - keeps the moisture better.  Same with parsnips.


That's exactly what I would be on my mind when it came to eating those carrots.  

I vaguely remember Monty Don sowing carrots in groups in pots to plant out but I think they were round carrots


Thanks for your replies. Sowing again seems to be the best solution.

Carrots are similar to parsnips and have a tapered root. If the root is broken when transplanting, the carrots, if they survive will fork leading to misshaped carrots which is the reason most will advise to sow direct where you want your carrots to grow. 

I'm happy to be wrong but sowing carrots in stony ground leads to the same problem.

I prefer to grow carrots in pots, sowing then direct and harvesting as mini veg. If you sow in pots though you need to be ruthless when thinning out. The root needs room to grow, and it won't row to a size were it's worth harvesting if competing with other seedlings.

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