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Does anyone know when it is safe to sow carrots to avoid the root fly?  I believe it to be July Is it safe now?


I think it is ok now, cowslip, I am planting my second lot this week; have you had probs with this fly before? Last year I put a 40cm plastic sheet around mine supported by bamboos, but I've never had this pest so am not sure whether this worked or they were simply not in my area.


Yes, now is fine. I sow mine in a 50/50 sharp sand mix in boxes off the ground. So don't have that bother with the fly now.


There are usually several generations of flies during the season so sowing time doesn't really help to avoid them if they're around.

I don't get them here but did back in Sydney. They're attracted by the scent of the carrots. I found the simplest way to minimise impact was to avoid any contact with the carrot tops which can release the scent. That, and only do any maintenance work - thinning, etc - after the sun has gone down when the flies are much less active.

Grow your carrots in boxes, more than 18" high. I use old plastic water tanks. The fly doesnt go above 12" high.



I am growing mine in big flower pots

Most grateful for all the replys. I grow lots of carrots in boxes, including polystyrene boxes, particularly successful. My thoughts were regarding a late row in open ground for winter use. So I should be free of the fly, if they germinate ok.!

I am completely new to this as some of you know may well know by our conversation over in 'The Potting Shed'. I would love to grow carrots. How long does it take from sowing the seeds before you see a result and as I only have a walk in plastic greenhouse, is this an ok place to grow them? I have looked at packets of seeds and they all say Jan-Mar for sowing ???

I cover with fleece.  Very effective against carrot fly and say to use.

Sow carrots now..they will be fine. ,I guess the watering will be the main issue under polythene.  I always sow outdoors but I suppose,??ou should see germination in 2 weeks.  Can you sow outside?



Depends on the variety, tag. I grow Amsterdam Forcing which are an early-maturing variety and they can take 70 days to maturity. They usually germinate within 10 days.

Carrots need soil that's deep enough to more than accommodate the length of the carrot and free of lumps, pebbles, rocks, etc.

Sowing in Jan-March? I don't sow mine before April here in central Italy. The soil needs to be warm enough for them to germinate.

Hi Verdun, no capacity for sowing outside unfortunately. I will try sowing the carrot seeds now and see what I get. I will pop them in a large pot. How many seeds would you say?

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