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Hi this is the first time i have grown cauliflower and i seem to have problem. these were winter cauli and all i have is a great big bunch of leaves and nothing inside . leaves are around 3 foot tall and seem to get bigger . anyone have a clue as to what i did wrong ????????


Check the centres of them and make sure there are still small leaves growing there - this is where the head will come from (if you get any!)  Sometimes slugs, snails or pigeons will eat the juicy young centres and if this happens, the outer leaves get bigger and bigger, but no new leaves or the head will develop in many varieties.  Some varieties will produce sideshoots in this situation, bust most cauliflowers I have grown will not do this.


"but" not "bust" - we need the edit function fixing asap!

Thank you bob - so far there are still young leaves in the centre so hopefully i get something out of them . will keep my eye on.

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