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I've just gone on the the GW Homepage and noticed that right at the top left there is a weather forecast for Tower Hamlets. Maybe GW is located in Tower Hamlets?


Thank you for the info, sotongeoff

Caz W

Hi Artjack - been over Lidl this afternoon and got plenty of 29p packs of seeds (and some chocolate too)  Thanks again for letting us know.  Its great to hear about bargains in store or on line.        

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

I think the concern is that there is one particular poster who  seems to enjoy causing trouble (quite upsetting trouble sometimes) on friendly little forms - some of  us recognise his style/use of language/and several of the many changes of identity that he uses.  

He has been around for some years and just pops up from time to time, sometimes assuming more than one identity and then he argues with himself and others get drawn in, then they get attacked.  

Sadly it's just as well to be aware. 


Nothing better to do?


I popped into Lidl too, came away with 8 packet of seeds and some Easter Eggs.

'Aldi have fruit tree's in.


nutcutlet wrote (see)

Nothing better to do?


Absolutely, must have a very sad life 

I guess I'm a bit naive too. I enjoy this forum for the banter, exchange of ideas and knowledge and for general,info. Also getting to know the characters involved....even the exchange of comments on fork handles that I enjoy reading. I've been more aware of wildlife, for example, since contributing to the forum. Best to regard it all as sincere and to respond to posts that appeal.
Re cheap seeds, yes I got some from lidls yesterday. Lot cheaper than my usual well known brands ....will see how they perform.
Verdun wrote (see)
 Best to regard it all as sincere and to respond to posts that appeal. 

I totally agree


Aldi have some packets of seed for 39p, basic varieties but if you just want say a packet of parsley or other bog standard varieties, then they are fine. Why pay more

The stand was emptying fast.


Zoomer, did they have Lemon Trees in Aldi?

artjak. Didn't look to closely, noticed some labels had pictures of apples and pears on but had to walk past them quickly there isn't room in my garden for fruit tree's  


Zoomer44, I know the feeling; I would love rolling acres, or at least half an acre.

Last year a friend bought a little lemon tree at Aldi or Lidl, dead cheap, so was hoping to get one.

I brought some cheap seeds today from in-excess 25p per pack, I know they sell them off cheaply because date has past but sure if they kept them stored well they will grow fine. lots of flower seeds I brought - but there was veg as well


I've used seeds from Lidl for the last few years and I have had great success with them. My cucmbers were lovely. I can not see the point paying so much for seeds from the well known brands when the Lidl seeds do just as well and produce such lovely plants.

Caz W

That's good to know - thanks dontusmrs


We get our seeds from Premier Seeds online we have bought seeds from lidl in the past some success some not,but i guess theres no guarantee on any seeds just trial and error.

I think in this time of cut backs osteritys etc weather you buy cheap seeds whatever the need to sow and grow will always remain.


Rissa, I have used Premier Seeds and have had great success with them. Gook Old Ebay

thank you Garden girl for sending me some seeds...  looking forward to using them... sorry my reply is late, they arrived last week.


I have used Aldi and Lidl seeds for the past number of years with very good results in comparison to other people on my allotment site who have used Sutton's seeds and other brands , why are the big brand named seeds so expensive ,for example Sweetcorn F1 Swift  and Sweet pepper California ,0.79 each ,form Aldi and in my local big walk around hard- wear Store they are €3.99 ,  ripoff the armature gardener