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That's good summerpots that you got your seeds

I have brought seeds from Lidl before work fine for me too - only thing is if there is seeds they don't have but I want sometimes easier to look though catalogues at home and order them off bigger companies.

But do like cheap seeds of flowers or veg

Lots of nice cheap seeds at 99p stores wild flower boxes and packets I brought pack covers 4m2 and box seeds covers 20m2

Has anyone else been buying cheap seeds at min?

not seeds but lots of cheap fruit trees, fruit canes, flower baulbs etc at Aldi. I think that raspberry canes were only about £1.79. 


I get all my seeds from Wilkinson's but I notice now that they are doing packets of cheep seeds from about 29p so worth a look if you have a store handy,  in fact I get most of my stuff from there,  not plants though,  my store has fruit trees in as well so has my local Tesco.


lol at the earlier posts about a troll who invites flame wars, even going to the lengths of arguing with themselves.. I think if you argue with yourself that really demonstrates the desperation for attention, pity them, they probably have severe social disorders..


And on topic, stop with these seed offers, you know I can't say NO! lol



Thats odd because I could only see things in dollars, and no address for parent company. I wouldn't give credit card deatils to a company that doesn't  give basic details on  its web site.

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