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Any ideas on how to stop this on my SW facing fan trained cherry?

 I am in Portsmouth, Hampshire.


are they all like that Martin?


and can you check if there's a stone in there

Hi Nutcutlet

Not all like it - but more every day. Last year it ruined 90% of crop. The apparently uneffected seem to have a stone forming around a brown center - the effected just have the brown center and slowly shrivel up...




what I had in mind was one of the Taphrina fungi, T. pruni or padi but the gall produced is hollow as a rule. Google Taphrina pruni and see if you recognise anything. A lot of them are sort of long, tongue shaped but some are round.

If not that I have no idea,  my interest is in the galls, i'm not a fruit grower. I first met T.padi on my bird cherry. Took a long time to ID it in those early daysof interweb


Thanks _ do not think it is Tap - no real distortion. I am starting to think it may be Brown Rot although I have seen no sign of it on twigs and no sign of fungal filaments on the fruit - Can anyone confirm?

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