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I have two small cherry trees one either side of a summer house.  One tree has had the leaves stripped down to the middle vein.  The other at present seem ok.  Ive noticed that although the trunks have tar on them ants are moving freely up the tree are they the culprit??

thank you all


No. Have a good look round the leaves that are left. There'll be something lurking there. It won't be the aphids either

I had similar problem last year - couldn't find any signs of any insect infestations despite long searching. Top suspect became the voracious wood pidgeons lined up in the adjoining field who were short of cabbages! Anyone know if they really will attack trees like this?


We have several flowering cherries in the grounds at work - the fat woodpigeons are often up in their branches eating the leaves - then they try to get the cherries - they can get the ones on the thicker branches, but the ones further from the main trunk are left to the blackbirds.  I wonder if cherry leaves taste like cherries?

Thank you red tulip Yes you are correct wood pigeons are the culprit

Also despite the wash used in December I also have black aphids on a few leaves.

What a pain.

Perhaps we should try the cherry leaves Dovefromabove ... After you lol xx


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